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Amenity: Hotel pool and bars


At 41m², the generous studio apartments are perfect for shorter stays and a lock-up-and-go lifestyle. Monthly rental starts from R10 600 for a furnished apartment and R8 700 for unfurnished

1 Bed

Ranging in size from 50m² to 72m², the spacious one-bedroom apartment includes a lounger – the perfect living space to put your feet up! Furnished apartments start from a monthly rent of R14 000, while unfurnished starts from R11 600.

1.5 Bed

Your ideal work-from-home solution! The 1.5 bed apartment ranges in size from 51m² to 72m² and includes a study. Monthly rental for the furnished apartment starts from R15 000, and unfurnished from R12 300.

2 Bed

Whether you’re looking to rent an apartment for your family or your business, the 2-bed apartments have you covered. Ranging in size from 71m² to 146m², the apartments can be set up in either a corporate or family-style configuration. The furnished monthly rental starts from R22 400 and unfurnished from R18 300.

3 Bed

Spread out over 118m² to 283m², the three-bedroom apartments are the ultimate in spacious luxury which the whole family can enjoy. The monthly rental starts from R32 000 for furnished and R28 800 for unfurnished.

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