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A convenient life at @Sandton Apartments

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Day-to-day living can often feel arduous and laborious – however @Sandton Apartments has been designed to accommodate the needs of all our residents seamlessly.

For example, well-thought through power and water supply delivery avoids the interruptions that have become daily stressors in South African life. @Sandton Apartments provides generators in case of power interruptions and 2.5 days of water supply in the event of a water outage.


Security is top-of-mind; the building is controlled with bio-metric access and manned surveillance around the clock. To circumvent the inconvenience of regular parking systems, @Sandton Apartments has employed a cutting-edge system from Admyt that ensures parking is a convenient experience for residents, while still maintaining their overall safety.

Admyt scans licence plates of vehicles entering and exiting the building – residents’ cars that are linked to Admyt will automatically be granted access. This allows residents to effortlessly access their parking facilities with their account charged for use when applicable. Admyt is not limited to @Sandton – centres such as Sandton City and Benmore Shopping Centre also utilise Admyt. This then gives our residents the same easy usage that they experience at @Sandton.

Admyt has the added benefit of being able to check number plates against the SAPS database. This will flag any vehicles that have been listed as stolen or hijacked – in this way, the on-site security team will be notified of any suspicious vehicles that could potentially be involved in a crime within the building. “The way our system works is that if you are a resident or registered visitor, you’re allowed to be in the building and so we shouldn’t be taking up your time,” says Devon from Admyt. “Only unwelcome visitors will receive focus.”

When residents sign their lease, they will receive an invitation from Admyt to complete their details and create their parking account. Visitors will be able to park on site if they have not registered, gaining parking access the old-fashioned way by receiving a paper ticket with the ability to pay upon exit.


Each apartment is primed for connectivity to accommodate various installations such as DSTV and the internet. Residents will receive a complimentary 10Mbps line, with the opportunity to upgrade to faster 25Mps and 50Mps lines at a monthly cost of R200 and R400 respectively.

Additional services available within the Acsiopolis Node, which houses @Sandton Apartments, include a car wash service on Basement Level 3 which ensures that your vehicle is clean and ready for your next road trip. Regalia Laundry is placed in the retail area and provides dry cleaning, and laundry and ironing packages for your convenience. Storage units are available to rent, allowing residents to safely store any items not required in the short term.

The @Sandton Spa within @Sandton Hotel is conveniently located on the ground floor adjacent to hotel reception. Here residents can enjoy various spa options, including an array of indulgent treatments.

Lastly @Sandton Apartments offers housekeeping packages which makes the cleaning and upkeep of your apartment a simply and hassle-free experience.

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